Reaching the best for the consumer - Specialty coffee and e-commerce

Reaching the best for the consumer - Specialty coffee and e-commerce

I am extremely excited to be opening this new tool (my technical description), I mean, an e-commerce store WWW.CAFEDELOSPUEBLOS.COM for people to have access to great coffee from the most interesting producers around the world just like it is in the origin. 

As I worked in the international business for many years, and helped few business owners and producers to internationalize, i came to an understanding that the customer never really got the coffee as I was getting and tasting from the farm when I was in loco. With time, that was confirmed and proved when I visited the end destinations and went to supermarkets where the consumer was buying what we were offering since the origin.

What a surprise to see great marketing campaigns; attractive sales pitches and incentives (ike buy one get second for half), beautiful bottles (the ones that you keep accumulating just because they are so cute), but most important a different taste from the producer, never that amazing cup of coffee i was enjoying. With time, I found out that people even could not associate the idea of coffee to what was really the real taste of a coffee.

Well, now i got to find a way to bring you that taste of originality, and got to shorten the path between the producer to you to garantee no sugar or chemicals are added and no mix with poor coffee is done. And an e-ccommerce store was all I need for that, to reach you. Thanks to technology, we can do that, and benefit coffee lovers (and future adopters) with the best of the best. Be happy, you got it now, we all did. ;)

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