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Cocoa Caramel Coffee

Cocoa chocolate caramel special premium gourmet organic certified coffee

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Colombian Buesaco Cooperative

Price €8.64

The coffee from ALSOTBILBAO is divine for its aroma and because traditionally comes from a famous region of Colombia, south west, rich of best coffee and cup of excellence coffee winners. This group of producers formed an association with 420 small producers specialized and technically capable of harvesting amazing coffee. The result is seeing when we...

Guatemala Mujesca

Price €6.82

The Mujesca Coffee is surprising because apart of the quality, is obtained by the efforts of and incredible group of woman producers of coffee, mostly indigenous from the Aldea Chanchicupe. It is a specialty coffee, organic, with grade 82, harvested on around 5800 feet. It is a product 100% original straight from the producer, we go on loco to get...

Brazil São Paulo

Price €7.16

At the moment we are bringing samples of potential coffee supplier from São Paulo area of Brasil, from prequalified suppliers. This coffee is one of them. We have it in small quantities and we would like to share it with you for your approval. You buy it with another coffee sold by, then leave us an opinion about it and get a gift...