World harvest time table will let you know when coffees are produced and harvest so you know when to expect a fresh specialty coffee.


Harvesting coffee is simply the picking of coffee cherries, ideally when they’re ripe. Cherries contain beans, the coffee bean.

So, how Is Coffee Harvested?

There are two factors every farmer considers when deciding how to harvest their coffee. One is if the cherries will be picked by hand or by machine. And Second, if they will be strip-picked or selectively harvested.

Specialty coffees in the world are harvested by hand. Hand-picking is labor-intensive, but it’s the only practical option to do a selective harvest. Only ripe beans are picked. This requires going through an estate’s trees multiple times.

Machines are used mostly for flat properties and by those who have capital to invest.

Strip harvesting is more efficient, because all the beans are picked at once, but quality is not same as specialty coffees since many cherries will be under- or over-ripe, though, and detract from the quality of the lot.

When Is Coffee Harvested?

In most countries, coffee is harvested once per year. Some countries, however, have climates that are conducive to growing coffee nearly all year long. In these countries, there is a smaller secondary crop, called the fly crop.

Here are some of the most well-known coffee growing countries along with their harvest season:

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